June 2020 Update


June is here and things are looking up! We are proud to announce that Pedal Pad and Evidence Audio have teamed up to give you the best sound you ever heard from your rig!


 Evidence Audio Solderless Patch cable system. This is the first and only solderless patch cable system that compromises nothing in sound quality and durability among ALL signal cables! Just ask David Gilmour, Noel Gallagher, Graham Coxton, Ed O’Brien of Radiohead, Josh Smith, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Guy Pratt, Steven Rothery, and many others.


So when your ready the ultimate pedal board experience paired with the worlds best audio cables is here!



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Pedal Pad Pedal Boards
The pedal board guitar players stay with.

Other boards are mass-produced metal-stamped units that claim simplicity as a primary design feature. What is not simple, is removing them from their travel case or bag, plugging in numerous inputs and outputs all while dealing with a collection of dangling cables below the pedal surface.

With Pedal Pad, you simply pop-the-top, plug-in and play.

Mass-produced pedal boards also lack a lower compartment below the pedal-deck where cables and additional components, such as power supplies, can be stowed. With no lower compartment, the task of changing your pedal set-up becomes a time-consuming and arduous process of nesting and zip-tying cables. The results are not always satisfying.

Pedal Pad pedal board models, with their hinged pedal deck, lower compartment and custom power and audio connector options, offer the ultimate solution to the organization of your unique pedal board set-up.

So, when you feel like the simplicity of a mass-produced pedal board is no longer making your life simple , c'mon over to Pedal Pad and let's get serious!

 Introducing the new Extended Lid

We are now offering an Extended Lid size for the AXS III, AXS III Mini, PHAT III, and STUDIO III Models.

  • It will have 3.75 inches of lid space on the audience side and 3 inches of space below the pedal deck. 
  • This will allow players to add taller pedals or create their own custom set up, without clearance issues under the lid.
  • The base of the Pedal Pad will stay the same dimensions and storage space will not change below the deck.
  • If you are looking to create a DEEP III or a DEEP-ER III with a Extended Lid please email us for a custom quote.

Ext lid 3 3



IEC inlet with lighted switch and 2 female AC outlets

IEC Web pic 2Looking to plug in another power source or to power the USB Power Strip, look no farther. We have combined a lighted power switch and a IEC inlet with 2 female AC outlets. We did all the wiring and hard work for you. Lets get serious! Will not fit into standard AC/inlet hole. 

Recessed Power Strip  with 3 USBs

Recessed Power Web Pic 2Looking to power other sources outside your Pedal Pad? Charge your phone? Power your laptop or tablet? Pair this with the IEC lighted switch with 2 AC plugs and your set power anything you need with a flip of a switch!

I don’t have time for mickey mouse pedal boards. I want to hit the stage, pop the top and play. - John M.