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Rob Eaton

Rob Eaton of Darkstar Orchestra uses AXS III Road Buddy

"I was first alerted I needed a pedal board from my road crew who after 14 years of hand packing pedals of various sizes and shapes brought to my attention the need to make a move to a solid pedal board.. After doing extensive research I finally found the perfect board for my needs . It's built tough, easy to assemble pedals and is a guitar or should I say roadie's dream! Thanks guys for a great product" - Rob Eaton

SRV Ride 2004 075 small

Andy Aledort uses the Pedal Pad™ MPS

Andy has been a significant figure in the international music scene over the last 20 years. He is a senior editor and unsurpassed music transcriber, instructional columnist and journalist for GUITAR WORLD and many other top guitar-oriented music magazines, as well as being a world renowned Guitar player. In fact, when Jimi Hendrix's rhythm section -- drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Billy Cox -- reunited for a Hendrix tribute in Japan last summer, they hired Andy to fill in for Jimi. When Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section -- drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon got together for Stevie's 50th Birthday celebration, they brought in Andy to fill in for Stevie. Andy will soon be releasing his own killer new CD. He is undoubtedly one of the most amazing musical geniuses to ever walk the planet! Needless to say, we are proud and excited to have someone of Andy's caliber using Pedal Pad.

Aledort says: "The Pedal Pad pedal board is extremely easy to use; the set-up is a breeze, the power supply has more than enough inputs to power a wide array of pedals, and the versatile patch bay is a huge plus. It's compact and sturdy, and I have found it to be very reliable."

Wayne Findlay uses the Pedal Pad™ MPS

When not recording or on tour with his band Slavior or The Michael Shenker Group, M.S.G./Vinnie Moore, Wayne teaches guitar, keyboards, bass, composition and theory...

Wayne says:

It's been 16 countries in Europe performing for over 128,000 people in the last 3 months alone!! and that was only in 3 countries!! Of course, when I tour or record, I ONLY use my MKS PEDALPAD pedal board!!

Jack Frost, formerly of Frost Bite is now endorsing Pedal Pad.

We met jack at the 2005 winter NAMM show out in Anaheim, CA. We loved his enthusiasm and it's great to have him on board. Jack is an incredible shredder. Check out Jack's new band SEVEN WITCHES.

Tommy Bolan formerly of Warlock, now with his band NYC uses a Pedal Pad MPS-XL and an MPS.

If you get a chance, check out their live shows. Unbelievable! High intensity metal that is "Dangerous...Extreme...Blazing a new frontier...When this group plays no one can turn their head away from the stage."
Bernard Baur (Music Connection)

Adrian Belew uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS, MPS-XL and AXS

We met Adrian at the 2003 Summer NAMM show. What a thrill! I've been a long time fan and cannot think of a better guitarist to have using our products. If there ever was an effects guru, it is this man.

Rich Williams of Kansas uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Rich's band bears the name of our home state and we are proud to have him using Pedal Pad. We got to hang out with Kansas at a recent show and man they have still got it. Rich is a monster guitarist and a hell of a nice guy.

Kerry Livgren uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Kerry is another legend we have had the good fortune to meet. Kerry is listed as alumni on the Kansas website, but we got to see him sit in on "Carry on my wayward son" at a recent Kansas concert. It'll give you chills! His band PROTO-KAW has released a new album entitled "Before became after" and is getting great reviews.

Victor Wooten uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS and MPS-XL

We met Victor Wooten at the 2003 Summer NAMM show. Another master of his instrument who knows how to use effects, we are proud to have Victor using Pedal Pad.

Steve Sechler uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS and MPS-XL

Guitarist for the Grand Ol' Opry, John Conlee says: "With my Pedal Pad System I know my effects are routed correctly and the stage crew loves the simplicity of patching me into any system. It also has an ultra-pro look on any stage. Thanks for a great product ".

Steve Sechler/San Dimas Guitars

John Conlee Enterprises Nashville, Tennessee

Paul Colchamiro uses the Pedal Pad™ MPS Pedal Board

"I've tried everything from nailing my effects to a 2x4 to custom, hand made pedal boards. NOTHING compares to the Pedal Pad. This is the single best accessory I have ever gotten. Thanks guys, I don't know what I'd do without it!"

Paul Colchamiro
Hammer of the Gods
The Led-Zeppelin Experience

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Barry Bennedetta award-winning, multi-platinum guitarist.

Barry joined Waysted, which was the opening act for Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue during their infamous "Bark at the Moon" / "Shout at the Devil" world tour. This tour is currently ranked at #4 on VH-1's "Rock's Greatest Moments of All Times."

Bennedetta says...

Hey Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for making the best pedal board that's currently out on the market. My MPS-9 has enabled me to perfect my pedal set up. I can now conveniently put effects in my effects loop elevated in the top row, my volume pedal and wah wah pedal angled perfectly on the right hand side, and my other effects and digital tuner down low on the left hand side. Not only is it functional and convenient but it looks great as well as offering great protection and ease of transporting my pedals because it is light, yet sturdy and well balanced when carrying. Thank You Sincerely,- Barry Bennedetta

rand zane small

Zane Carney uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Zane Carney, 24, has been playing the guitar for 14 years and performing live since he was in his mid teens. Over the past 2 years CARNEY has opened for Fergie, The Black Crowes, Gov't Mule, The Veronicas, Live, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Shooter Jennings, and Jackie Greene, winning over each audience with their versatility and integrity. As a guitarist, Zane is sought after for his unique combination of jazz sensibility and rock and roll abandonment.

Rob Fetters of The Bears and The Psychodots uses Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boardsthe MPS-XL

Rob Fetters, guitarist for The Psychodots and The Bears is busy in Cincinnati with studio work. I first saw Rob with Adrian Belew and the Bears at The Bottleneck in Lawrence Kansas in the late 80's. It remains to this day, my favorite of all bar room concerts.

Bob Nyswonger of The Bears and The Psychodots uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Bob was nice enough to share the before Pedal Pad picture with us. Naturally, we saw the severity of the situation and took immediate action to exploit this example for everything it is worth.

Felix Franke

Felix Franke LONERS UNITED - A Tribute to Neil Young from Ramstein-Miesenbach, Worms, Landstuhl, Mannheim (Rhineland Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg) in Germany

The band was founded in August 2014.

Tom Bola and I began playing as a duo in live performance since 2011 the music of Neil Young acoustically.

Since my childhood Neil is the greatest musician for me. His way of playing the acoustic and the electric guitar fascinated me from the beginning on as well as his critical attitude towards society he discribes in songs like "Southern man", "Alabama", "Vampire Blues" just to name few.

Then in 2014 the two other musicians joined us and from that moment on we created various programs of Neil's songs.

At present we play gigs mainly in the area of Rhine-Main here in Germany.

I'm using the Pedal Pad MPS II and the Power Pad II for this band.

Gregory Bruce Campbell uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Gregory has conducted numerous workshops on the bass. Gregory has been using Pedal Pad since the old RM-10 days and is still helping us spread the word. Thanks again Gregory.

Mike Lyons guitarist for Alex Bach uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Mike recently finished an Armed Forces tour in the Middle East with Alex Bach. He made the point that it is insane the way equipment gets thrown around by the handlers. We're glad to know that the Pedal Pad case could take the beating.

Jay Hoyt of Gaskit uses the Pedal Pad™ Pedal Boards MPS-XL

Gaskit recently opened up for Godsmack. Jay is shown here using his MPS-XL.

Tried other pedal boards. No thanks. I need pro gear—don’t waste my time with wannabes. - Brian K.