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Hurricane Sandy and the Time Factor

Pedal Pad pedal boardBeing from the Midwest, Kansas no less, I have a healthy respect for a strong wind.  

No, I'm not referring to my style of writing, but those of a tornadic nature to be precise.  The respect part really means, like most Kansans, I have learned to recognize and take simple precautions when the conditions are ripe.  

I've talked to many guitar players on the East coast in the past 12 years and they frequently want to know what it's like to experience a tornado.  The Wizard of Oz has done much to solidify a concept in the minds of East and West coasters that tornados are a daily occurence 'round these here parts.'  Some folks I've talked to personify tornados in a way that gives them a type of predatory personality.

Whether weather is weather you weather welcomely or weather you weather unwelcomely, it (weather) is the great leveller.  Sometimes literally, but I mean the word in an Atticus Finch kind of way, to mean we're all small and powerless if caught in the severe variety.  Many stories continue to unfold about Hurricane Sandy and my heart goes out to the folks who are still without power after nine days as of this writing.  More so to the folks who have lost loved ones, then homes and finally personal property.

My birthday was November 4th and I finally pulled the trigger on an effects pedal I've longed for since I stumbled across it on Youtube many moons ago.  Hard to believe at my age I still have the ability to pool birthday money from the parents and inlaws and get myself something I'd probably get anyway, but once a year I do it with a clean conscience.  The Eventide Timefactor, so far, has been a factor in me not keeping time with the guys I play with, but then again, I'm kinda pushing the envelope with this thing.  Eventually I'll settle down soon enough to keep the peace.   For non-guitar players, the Timefactor is a digital delay and the easiest way to describe it is to compare it to an echo.  Except the Timefactor is like an echo on steroids or an echo that can't wait to interrupt itself.  For you Edge fans, this pedal is 'Edge in a box.'  You know what I mean, it kinda sounds like ec....and so on..on..on. Believe me when I tell you it's really important that the guitar player using this particular setting needs to start the song and not let the drummer count it off.  Timing is everything.  Nevertheless, I love this thing.

Seems like I'm rambling?  Well I'll try to tie it together for you.  A couple days ago, Roger Paul Rimatta of Long Island gave me a call to ask about the adhesive used on the Pedal Pad AXS.  After a bit of discussion I came to understand that his pedal board had sit in 19" of water due in no small part to some pretty strong winds.  I felt his pain, especially when he told me that all the other pieces of critical gear in the rental facillity were saved by some people who gauged each item with an unknowing eye.  They placed amps and guitars high enough on a table to stay dry and left other items to the wrath of Sandy.  The pain I felt for him was not because of a lost Pedal Pad (I get mine half price), but for the loss of the very things Pedal Pad is meant to protect; his pedals.  Turns out, the Pedal Pad, was actually still in fairly good shape except for the two pedal panels that make up the pedal surface in Roger's AXS-XL model.  I'm sending a couple new panels to Roger ad gratis and that's the good news.  The bad news is, even though we build a really durable piece of road gear, Pedal Pad's are not water-tight.  You might also guess that effects pedals aren't either, which is why Roger is doing everything possible to include pulling them apart and setting them in rice to absorb the moisture.  By the sound of his voice its fair to say I don't think he believes rice will bring his pedals back from the dead.  We talked for a while and I emphathized with him because I love my pedals too.  To make the point, I mentioned my Eventide Timefactor, how it was brand new and how much I was loving it.  I cannot tell you how much I now regret bringing that up.  Turns out that was Roger's favorite pedal to.  In fact he sent me a picture of his rig.

Tried other pedal boards. No thanks. I need pro gear—don’t waste my time with wannabes. - Brian K.