Increased Production at Pedal Pad

Due to a significant increase in demand for Pedal Pad we began the process of moving our factory to a larger facility three months ago. We have now completed that process and are enjoying the benefits of a larger workforce and a space triple the size of our previous facility. During this process we have experienced excessive lead times, which has frustrated more than a few of you. For that we are very sorry. Going forward, we expect to ship units within a two week window.

Many thanks,
Michael Stratton
Pedal Pad
Pedal Pad III Features and Options Pedal Pad pedal boards offers integrated mic stand brackets. Pedal Pad pedal boards offer isolated power supplies. Pedal Pad pedal boards offers Tolex options to match your amp. Pedal Pad pedal boards offers the colors you want. Pedal Pad pedal boards offers Fender-style tweed. Pedal Pad pedal boards offers custom connector setups.
Pedal Pad™ Pedal Board Video
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My Pedal Pad saves setup time and hassle and protects my effects gear. 'Nuff said. - Eddy D.