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"Omne trium perfectum"
(everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete)

 We are proud to add to our catalog 3 new accessories to step up your rigs game. We took our time and vetted out good quality products to match the quality of our Pedal Pad boards. Strong, durable, and ease of use were key factors when looking for products from new partners. We are pleased to say that we partnered with Hafele and Mighty Bright for our needs and more importantly yours!

Check out these new accessories in the links below:

Order Mighty Bright Duo Flex here!

Order Mighty Bright Brightflex here!

Order Hafele Deck Stay here!

Order Hafele "UNDER THE HOOD" Lighting here!


Stay positive, and look forward to live music again.  This is the year!


Don't forget Tim either! Check out Pedal Pads new commercial on You Tube Where's Tim?



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Pedal Pad Pedal Boards

     The pedal board guitar players stay with.

Other boards are mass-produced metal-stamped units that claim simplicity as a primary design feature. What is not simple, is removing them from their travel case or bag, plugging in numerous inputs and outputs all while dealing with a collection of dangling cables below the pedal surface.

With Pedal Pad, you simply pop-the-top, plug-in and play.

Mass-produced pedal boards also lack a lower compartment below the pedal-deck where cables and additional components, such as power supplies, can be stowed. With no lower compartment, the task of changing your pedal set-up becomes a time-consuming and arduous process of nesting and zip-tying cables. The results are not always satisfying.

Pedal Pad pedal board models, with their hinged pedal deck, lower compartment and custom power and audio connector options, offer the ultimate solution to the organization of your unique pedal board set-up.

So, when you feel like the simplicity of a mass-produced pedal board is no longer making your life simple , c'mon over to Pedal Pad and let's get serious!

Pedal Pad™ Pedal Board Video

Pedal Pad makes it easier. - Greg Sover