Hello all, Phil and Kris Osborne here, the proud new owners of Pedal Pad!  We have been customers of Michael for years and are thrilled with the opportunity to make the best pedal board in the world!  We are up and building and will GUARANTEE FREE DELIVERY before 12/25 on all orders placed by Tuesday 12/10CONTINENTAL US ONLY.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions and we'll get back to you ASAP.  Thanks!!

Pedal Pad has a New Owner!!

Over the last 19 years, I have had the opportunity to work in the coolest industry in the world. I have gotten to know thousands of you at NAMM shows, guitar shows and by phone. Conversations that started out as simple questions about pedal boards have turned into me getting to know about the music scene in your city, your musical influences and how your gear has shaped your sound. I never get tired of talking guitar and I’ll miss it. That said, I’m tired and it’s time for some new blood.

Brothers, Phil and Kris Osborne, of Pennsylvania are taking over as of December 1st, 2019. Phil and Kris are planning to kick things up a notch on producing the best pedal board in the world. (yeah, I’m biased) Their passion, youth and computer machining capabilities mean much faster lead times and a super high level of quality control.

Call (484) 424-3480 or email or and let them set you up with a PedalPad today. You can also click here to buy now.

Thanks again,
Michael Stratton, Retired

Pedal Pad Pedal Boards
The pedal board guitar players stay with.

Other brands - like Pedaltrain, Gator and Temple - are mass-produced metal-stamped units that claim simplicity as a primary design feature. What is not simple, is removing them from their travel case or bag, plugging in numerous inputs and outputs all while dealing with a collection of dangling cables below the pedal surface.

With Pedal Pad, you simply pop-the-top, plug-in and play.

Mass-produced pedal boards also lack a lower compartment below the pedal-deck where cables and additional components, such as power supplies, can be stowed. With no lower compartment, the task of changing your pedal set-up becomes a time-consuming and arduous process of nesting and zip-tying cables. The results are not always satisfying.

Pedal Pad pedal board models, with their hinged pedal deck, lower compartment and custom power and audio connector options, offer the ultimate solution to the organization of your unique pedal board set-up.

So, when you feel like the simplicity of a mass-produced pedal board is no longer making your life simple , c'mon over to Pedal Pad and let's get serious!

Pedal Pad™ Pedal Board Video
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Tried other pedal boards. No thanks. I need pro gear—don’t waste my time with wannabes. - Brian K.