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Pedal Pad custom pedalboard

Every guitarist needs a good pedalboard to help them dial in the tone and create their own unique sound, and there’s no better board than one you can customize yourself and have shipped to your front door.

That’s where Pedal Pad comes in. While standard mass-produced pedalboards lack originality and unique features, Pedal Pad pedalboards are completely customizable, allowing you to create a board that not only looks great but is also packed with all the amazing features you need to set up fast and craft your sound.

Why would you settle for a lesser pedalboard when your new dream board is just a few clicks away? Order your new custom Pedal Pad pedalboard online today, and turn your pedalboard dreams into a reality.

Why Choose Pedal Pad Custom Pedalboards

Pedal Pad pedalboards are an all in one custom pedalboard/case combo that makes organizing your pedals and setting up your board quick and easy. Built by hand in our factory from the highest quality void-free Baltic Birch wood and ATA-approved fittings, every one of the custom boards we produce is built to last.

Not only do you get to create your own custom board, but when it arrives, you can breathe easy knowing that your pedals, cables, and other equipment will be safe and protected no matter where you plan on taking them. 

But high quality and durability isn’t the only reason that you should order your new board online with Pedal Pad. Here are a few more reasons why ordering a Pedal Pad custom pedalboard is the best decision a guitarist can make.

Complete Customizability Without All the Hassle

Building a custom pedalboard is often viewed as a right of passage for guitarists, but what they don’t tell you is that, if you aren’t an experienced carpenter and electrician, building a pedalboard can be incredibly time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. And, even if you are up for the commitment, there’s no guarantee that the board you build will turn out exactly how you hoped it would.

By ordering your custom board online with Pedal Pad, you’ll get just as much freedom over how you want your board to look and what features you’d like to include as if you were building it yourself, all while saving yourself time, money, and effort and ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

The Perfect Size to Fit Your Collection of Effects Pedals

Every guitar player is different. Some just want a few pedals to help them dial in their tone, while others are complete shoegazers who want to have a giant board filled with every effect pedal they get their hands on. Still, no matter what type of guitar player you are, the most important thing is that your board can accommodate as much or as little as you need it to. 

While it’s probably a good idea to have a bit of extra space if you want to attach another pedal down the road, no one wants a pedal board with a bunch of wasted space that you’ll never use, but with Pedal Pad, you can ensure that your board is the perfect size to fit your effects pedal collection.

Pedal Pad custom pedalboard

Plenty of Storage Space for Integrated Power Supplies and More Below Deck

Pedal Pad pedalboards don’t just back the perfect amount of space for your pedals. They also have enough storage space down below to store anything you may need, like extra cables, zip ties, and velcro.  

This extra space below deck can also be used to solve the issue of powering your pedals. With the addition of optional power inlets and outlets, you can plug your power supply right into the board and safely store it below the pedal deck, where it has easy access to all your pedals.  

By ordering your custom pedalboard from Pedal Pad, not only do you get a board with a ton of extra storage space, but you can ensure that powering it is as easy as plugging it right in.

Audio Input/Output Jacks Built Right In

Power isn’t the only thing that Pedal Pad custom pedalboards make easy. You can choose to include built-in audio inputs and outputs that make setting up your board as easy as opening it up and plugging in a few cables.

Whether you’re content with sending your signal through one amp, or you like to get crazy with your setup and send multiple signals through more than one, Pedal Pad custom pedalboards give you the freedom to include however many audio ins and outs you need.

Stick Out With Custom Colors and Finishes

Custom sizes and unique features are some of the biggest draws to building a custom pedalboard, but another reason guitarists love custom pedalboards is that they allow guitarists to add their own stylistic touch that creates a unique-looking board that no one else will ever confuse for their own.

Here at Pedal Pad, we’re open to all of our customers’ ideas and are happy to collaborate with our customers to bring their visions to life. Whether there’s a particular color, design, or logo you have in mind, or you want the case exterior to be a particular texture or material, Pedal Pad offers a wide variety of finish options that ensure you’ll be able to achieve the exact look you’re going for.

Audio inputs/outputs on custom Pedal Pad pedalboard

Contact Pedal Pad Today

Don’t settle for a subpar pedalboard. If you’re in the market for a new board or have always wanted to design a custom board yourself, Pedal Pad is to give you the custom pedalboard you’ve always dreamed of. With an innovative design that makes setting up a breeze and a ton of unique features to include, there’s no better option than Pedal Pad. Contact Pedal Pad and start designing your very own custom pedalboard today!

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