Pedal Pad: What Does a Pedal Board Do?

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Anyone who has spent an extended period of time playing the guitar knows just how versatile the instrument is. There is an incredible range of tonality and sounds that can be created just from the way you play it, which pickups you use, and how you use the tone knobs. 

Still, eventually, there comes a time in every guitarist’s life when this simply is not enough, and it is time to venture into the world of effects pedals to further customize and craft their sound. The only problem is that as soon as you have more than just a few pedals to deal with, they become increasingly difficult to deal with. 

This is where the pedalboard comes in. Just like your amps and effects pedals, the Pedalboard is an essential component of any guitarist’s setup, and it is hard to imagine a world where they do not exist. However, if you are new to the world of guitar playing, it is not uncommon to have questions. So what is a pedalboard, and what do they do?

A Pedal Board Helps Store and Organize Your Pedals

First and foremost, a pedal board is something that helps you store and organize all of your pedals. Instead of dealing with tearing down and reconstructing some long and hard-to-handle string of pedals, it acts as something more permanent that can hold them all in one place.

With a good pedalboard, you never have to worry about forgetting what order you like to set up your pedals in because unless you want to switch things up, they will stay exactly where you put them. 

Storing your pedals on a pedalboard also makes them much easier to use. While setting up a chain of pedals may work well enough if you have only a few pedals, once you have more than that, the distance between the first pedal in the chain and the last could be quite long.

With a pedalboard, you can store your pedals closer together in multiple rows instead of just one long one, making it much easier to use your pedals while you play.

A Pedal Board Helps Transport Your Pedals

Pedalboards also make it much easier to transport your collection of pedals. Instead of being loosely thrown into a backpack along with all the right cables and power supplies, a pedalboard gives all your pedals a permanent home that can be more easily transported. 

Most pedalboards come either as a part of a hard case or with some sort of bag or other soft case that makes it easy to load your pedalboard up and transport it to wherever you have your next jam session or gig.

A Pedal Board Can Make Powering Your Pedals Easier

One of the biggest challenges that comes with using effects pedals is figuring out the best way to power them. This is made even more complicated if you are working with an unruly and random chain of pedals that needs to be set up and torn down after every use.

Pedalboards make it much easier to power your pedals for two reasons. Firstly, they keep your pedals in one place, so you will never have to worry about constantly reconnecting all your pedals to their power cables. 

Secondly, your pedalboard is also a great place to store your power supplies. Whether stored under or on the board itself, having the ability to store your power supply so close to the pedals themselves makes it much easier to ensure that your pedals have enough power everywhere you go.

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A Pedal Board Makes Setting Up Faster

Whether it is to a gig or a friend’s house, anyone who has had to bring their guitar rig with them anywhere knows just how long it can take to get set up. From your amps and cables to your guitar itself, there are a lot of individual parts that need to be plugged in and properly connected. 

This is made even worse if you add a loose collection of pedals into the mix. Making sure that they’re all connected and have enough power can easily triple the amount of time you will spend setting up and tearing down. 

That is why getting a good pedal board is essential. Instead of having to fumble around with all your pedals and cables, they will all be on your board and properly connected just as you left them. All you have to do is plug your guitar into one and your amp into the other, and you will be ready to start playing in no time.

Why Choose a Custom Guitar Pedal Board From Pedal Pad

Ideally, a pedalboard should do everything you need it to, which is where Pedal Pad comes in. Here at Pedal Pad, we make high-quality custom pedalboards that make it easy for guitar players to get everything they need out of their boards without having to do all the hard assembly work themselves.

Every single aspect of our pedalboards is completely customizable, from the size of the board to the color, finish, and style, but that is not all. There are also tons of other unique features that can be added to your board in order to meet all your requirements as a guitarist.

From more space down below for extra zip ties, cables, and power supplies to built-in power switches and input/output jacks, there is no limit to the possibilities. So if you want the perfect pedalboard to add to your rig, look no further than Pedal Pad.

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Contact Pedal Pad Today!

Have you always wanted to design your own custom pedalboard? Give us a call. We are always happy to listen to your design ideas and discuss how we can bring your vision to life. Do not let yourself be content with some unruly pedal chain or mass produced stock board. Call Pedal Pad and take the first step towards your dream board today!

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