Pedal Pad: What Makes a Custom Guitar Pedal Board?

Pedal Pad custom pedalboard

More and more, guitar players everywhere are choosing to go with custom pedalboards in place of more boring mass-produced ones. However, with these custom boards becoming increasingly popular, you’re probably wondering what makes a good custom pedalboard.

In our opinion, a good custom pedalboard is one that allows you to customize every aspect of the board, including the size, color, finish, and additional features. The more you can customize your board, the better you can ensure that your new pedalboard will meet all your needs as a guitarist and look good while doing it.

What Makes Pedal Pad Custom Pedalboards Better Than All The Rest

The main draw to building your own custom pedalboard is that you have complete control over every aspect of the pedalboard’s design, however, if you are planning on building a pedalboard by yourself for the first time, you may be surprised how difficult it is to pull off. 

Building a custom pedalboard requires a certain amount of skill when it comes to carpentry and electrical work, and while you can learn these things skills by yourself, you might end up feeling disappointed with the quality of your board if you’re learning how to do everything on the fly. And that’s not to mention the time, effort, and money you’ll likely spend during the building process.

That’s where Pedal Pad comes in. Instead of taking the risk and spending hours on building a board that might not turn out how you want, Pedal Pad’s professional board builders have the skills and expertise to take your pedalboard vision and turn it into a reality.

You’ll still have complete control over every design element of your board, including the size, color, finish, and addition of optional features like power switches and audio ins and outs, ensuring that your new pedalboard comes out exactly how you envisioned it.

When it comes to creating your dream board, Pedal Pad is the company guitar players everywhere trust the most. Here are just a few more reasons why other pedalboard companies just can’t compete with Pedal Pad custom pedalboards.

Handmade and Built to Last

Every single Pedal Pad pedalboard is handmade in our factory by our talented teams of custom pedalboard builders who give special attention to every detail of the board’s construction, so when you order a Pedal Pad pedalboard, you know that your board will look and function exactly how you want it to. 

Still, when you put that much thought into designing a custom pedalboard, you want to make sure that it’s durable and will stand the test of time, so we use only the highest quality Baltic Birch wood and ATA-approved fittings that ensure that every board we produce is built to last.

The Perfect Size to Fit All Your Favorite Pedals

The most important function of your pedalboard is to house all your favorite effects pedals, so having the right amount of room on the pedal deck is essential. While you may want to leave a bit extra space for expansion if you want to attach a new pedal somewhere down the road, not every guitar player wants to play with 20 different pedals all the time. 

No matter if you’re the type of player who only wants a few pedals on deck to dial in their tone or you’re a full-on shoegazer who wants to have a beast of a pedalboard that intimidates the guitarists in every other band you play with, with a Pedal Pad custom pedalboard you can ensure that you have the exact amount of space you need.

Pedal Pad custom pedalboard

Plenty of Extra Storage Below Deck

Pedal Pad pedalboards are an all-in-one pedalboard/hard case solution, and one of the beneficial features of this design is that it leaves plenty of your for storage below the pedal deck. This ensures that the cables in your pedal chain have room to breathe and allows you to store all your extra cables, zip ties, and pedals down below so that you never have to worry about forgetting something at home.

Built-In Power Inlets, Outlets, and Switches for Integrated Power Supplies

Pedal Pad aims to make settings up and tearing down your pedalboard as easy as plugging in and playing, and one of the ways they do that is by allowing you to add power inlets, outlets, and switches to your board. 

This, combined with all that extra space below the pedal deck, makes it easy to add an integrated power supply that can be kept plugged into your pedals and the board, making powering your pedals way easier.

Built-In Audio Inputs and Outputs

Pedal Pad pedalboards can also be made with audio inputs and output jacks built right in, making setting up your board even easier. No matter how you plan to use your board, we can install the exact amount of ins and outs that you need to bring your sound to the masses.

Unique Custom Colors and Finishes

Saving the best for last, Pedal Pad pedalboards also give you free rein over the visual design of the board, allowing you to create a custom board that no one else could ever confuse for their own. 

With tons of options, including custom colors, designs, and textures, when you build a Pedal Pad pedalboard, you can rest assured knowing that you’re board will show off your own stylistic flair and achieve the exact look that you planned out in your head.

Built in audio input and output jacks

Contact Pedal Pad Today

When it comes to building custom pedalboards, there’s no better option than Pedal Pad. Don’t let yourself be content with a subpar board when you could have a unique custom pedalboard that sticks out and meets your musical needs. Contact Pedal Pad and get started on your custom pedalboard design journey today!

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