AXS Mini

AXS Mini




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Description :

The AXS III Mini Pedal Board is the smallest Pedal Pad in our line, but still features the same flexibility and ruggedness. The AXS III Mini features a single hinged panel with two slots for routing cables neatly underneath while giving you quick access to them.

Additional components such as a power supply, power strip and an additional effect pedal can be stowed below to maximize usable space within the Mini’s small footprint. Effects attach to the hinged panel, which is covered in Velcro brand fabric, with the included hook fabric.
Dimensions w / lid on 20″ Wide x 8″ Deep x 7″ Tall.
Dimensions w / lid off 20″ Wide x 8″ Deep x 4 1/2″ Tall on audience side, 1.5″ on player side.

Pedal Pad Size Guide

Pedal Pad Series: Available in 2″ increments, from 20″ to 38″
Acoustic Series: Available in 2″ increments, from 12″ to 18″
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