Deeper III Pedal Board

Deeper III Pedal Board




Right Side Connections

Left Side Connections

Audience Side Connections

Description :

DEEP-ER III Pedal Boards are one inch taller and have three inches of extra space from front to back than standard AXS Pedal Pads and feature a slotted hinged pedal deck with Velcro style loop fastener, which is permanently mounted to its surface. Cables are routed neatly under the pedal deck where additional components such as power supplies or additional effects can be stowed. Plenty of the mating hook style fastener is included so pedals and components can be attach either on the pedal deck or in the below compartment.

Pedal Pad Size Guide

Pedal Pad Series: Available in 2″ increments, from 20″ to 38″
Acoustic Series: Available in 2″ increments, from 12″ to 18″
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