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Michael Stratton, Pedal Pad Pedal Boards CEO, onstage at The Classic BeanMichael Stratton, Pedal Pad Pedal Boards
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When Pedal Pad was designed in 2000 there were only a handful of companies producing pedal boards.  Choices ranged from the high-end and highly desirable custom Bradshaw rigs to some pretty flimsy plastic models.  The most common of which were versions from the large pedal companies, featuring molded plastic cavities, that only received pedals sold by their company.  Not very flexible or exciting if you ever wanted to swap out a pedal from another company.   When Michael Stratton, the designer of Pedal Pad, was looking to buy a board in 2000, he wanted something fast, easy and durable.  "I wanted to take the lid off, plug in my amp and guitar and be ready to go."  Twelve years later, Pedal Pad is still the only pedal board that offers this capability. 

Michael soon realized that making a player's set-up fast and easy was only half the challenge, the pedal board needed to be easy to use.  Players needed to be able to accurately step on the switch of one pedal without knocking the knobs off its neighbor.  Having looked at the competition, he saw that no companies offered an angled pedal surface or second tier, so he built a pedal board with these features for himself.  As Michael began to gig with his new board, the benefits of these features became clear so he applied for a patent.  Today, the Pedal Pad MPS series still feature the patented adjustable two-tier system, which allows players to change their pedal set-up as their pedals change.  Smaller pedals are stair-stepped on two separate tiers, while longer pedals, like wahs, can rest on both tiers.  The MPS pedal boards are truly a customizable pedal board.

Even though Michael is passionate about pedal boards, he takes a very utilitarian view with regard to their appearance and functionality.  "I wanted the Pedal Pad to provide the ultimate in protection and ease of use; not to have a lot of cost built into features which can only be described as cosmetic.  I'm not building a designer product, just a serious piece of equipment for serious players.  That means you road dogs, weekend warriors and the guy whose wife keeps telling him to clean up in the basement.

My Pedal Pad saves setup time and hassle and protects my effects gear. 'Nuff said. - Eddy D.