What Is a Pedal Pad Pedal Board?

Two Pedal Pad pedalboards

Pedal Pad pedal boards are the one and only custom pedalboard and hardcase combo. Made from only the highest quality Baltic Birch wood and with a wide variety of sizes and unique built-in features to choose from, Pedal Pad is making it easier than it’s ever been for guitarists everywhere to get their hands on their dream pedalboard.

Custom Pedal Boards Without All The Hassle

Every guitar player dreams of designing and building their own custom pedalboard, but in reality, building your own pedalboard can be a time-consuming and expensive process. You’ll need to acquire all the right tools and materials and physically put them together, which can often leave first-time board builders frustrated and ultimately disappointed with the final product.

With Pedal Pad, you can still get all of the custom features that you want on your dream board without all of the hard assembly work, expensive materials, and power tools. All Pedal Pad pedalboards are handmade to order by professional board builders who can guarantee that your custom board comes out exactly the way you want it to for a fraction of the price of building it yourself.

Complete Customizability and Unique Optional Features

Not only do Pedal Pad pedalboards save you time and money, but they’re also completely customizable, allowing you to build a board that meets all of your specific needs no matter what type of guitar player you are.

An open Pedal Pad pedalboard

The Perfect Amount of Space For All Your Effects Pedals

One of the biggest reasons that guitar players build their own boards is so that they can have the exact amount of space they need to fit all of their pedals. Most of the common mass-produced aluminum pedalboards only come in a few standard sizes leaving many guitarists with a board that’s either much too big or small.

On the other hand, Pedal Pad pedal boards are made by hand, allowing them to be made in a wide variety of standard sizes, all of which can be further customized to be as big or small as you’d like.

Your pedal board is, first and foremost, supposed to be a convenient and safe home for all of your guitar pedals, but it can’t do that well if it has too little space. With a Pedal Pad pedal board, you can rest assured that you’re new custom board will have the perfect amount of space for all your pedals. 

Room for Integrated Power Supplies and Storage Below Deck

Pedal Pad pedalboards also come with a ton of extra storage space below their hinged pedal decks. This allows you to comfortably store anything else you might need, from extra cables and velcro to additional pedals.

This extra storage space can even be used to address the issues of powering your pedals. With a mass-produced aluminum pedalboard, it’s often easier to use a daisy chain to power your pedals because there simply isn’t enough room to fit a power supply on or under the pedal deck. 

The only problem is that, by nature, daisy chains provide uneven power to your pedals, which can cause audio issues like humming and cracking, especially when you have lots of pedals on your pedalboard.

However, with Pedal Pad pedal boards, you’ll never have to worry about that because there’s plenty of room to store as many power supplies as you need below deck. You can even opt to include a power inlet and switch on the outside of your pedal board, allowing you to keep everything plugged into the board itself and making setting up your gear as easy as plugging your board into the wall.

Built-in power inlet and input/output jacks

Built-In Input/Output Jacks

Power isn’t the only thing you can have integrated into your custom Pedal Pad pedal board. You can also add input and output jacks built right into your board, making setting up your pedal board even easier. 

Setting up your pedals on your own can require you to repeatedly plug in all your cables into all the right jacks and in the right order every time, but with a custom Pedal Pad pedal board, you’ll be able to keep your pedal chain together and plug it right into the board itself.  

No matter how many ins and outs you want, your new Pedal Pad pedal board will make setting up for your next jam session as simple as plugging in and starting to play. 

Custom Colors and Finishes

When you build your own Pedal Pad pedal board, the customizable options don’t just stop at input jacks and power switches. There are also tons of color and finish options to choose from that set your pedal board apart from the rest and truly make it one of a kind.

With over 60 tolex and tweed finish options available, you can guarantee that no matter what look and feel you’re going for, Pedal Pad has the custom colors and finishes to make it happen.

Pedal Pad pedalboard with tweed finish

Design Your Own Custom Pedal Pad Pedal Pedalboard Today!

Are you in the market for a new pedal board or considering making your own? Then contact Pedal Pad today to learn more about our custom pedal boards. Our highly skilled professional pedal board builders love what they do and are always happy to help out and answer any questions you may have.

Our products are made from only the highest quality Baltic birch wood and designed to last., We take pride in working closely with our customers to bring their dream pedal board vision to life. From custom finishes to added input jacks and power inlets, there’s really no better option when it comes to creating the perfect place for your pedals.

So skip all the hassle of making your own pedalboard. Contact Pedal Pad and start your custom pedalboard design journey today!

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